Houston Newborn and Family Photographer

Houston Newborn and Family Photographer

Houston Family and Newborn Baby Photographers

Newborn and Family Portraits

Lisa Carr, with Belly to Baby Studios, is a Houston Newborn and Family Photographer. She recently photographed this baby boy when he was 1 month old. It is recommended that you photograph newborns between 7-12 days old. If you are a new Mom, or have never had your newborn photographed professionally you may be wondering why. This time frame is recommended so that your baby will sleep a bit more and so that they are still flexible since their bones and muscles have not fully developed. Babies that are older than this will typically stretch out more and reach out more with their hands during their sessions, and also may not want to be scrunched up or swaddled.

We always receive calls after a baby has been born, and Moms are panicked because they did not pre-schedule their baby’s newborn session weeks in advance. We always leave room in our calendars for these last minute sessions. We also believe that it is very important to have your newborn’s photographed even if they are older than the recommended time frame of 7-12 days old. We know older babies will need to be handled differently and accommodations made for extra feedings during the session. Also we love to capture awake babies during the newborn session, and we allow extra time for these poses as well:


Houston Family and Newborn Baby Photographers
Houston Family Photographers

Lisa Carr, of Belly to Baby Studios a division of Michael Carr Photography, is a full time Houston Newborn and Family Photographer . Our studio photographs maternity portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits and family portraits. We help you and guide you all the way from Portrait session concept to Portrait completion. We love to create finished artwork for our client’s home. The artwork will appreciate over time and provide years of joy. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly.

Newborn Baby Photographers

You can view more of our newborn portraits, Maternity Portraits and our Family Portraits on our site. Our studio is conveniently located in the Galleria area, in a professional office building. We have a private nursing lounge so you can relax and feed your baby between sets.

Call us at 713-461-2862 and we can schedule and discuss your portrait session.

Business Portrait Pricing in Houston

A professional business portrait online profile image, or business portrait, is more than just “Price”, it’s an investment towards your visual representation and your business. A professional business portrait speaks volumes when it comes to making a strong digital introduction and lasting impression. To maintain the competitive edge in the digital driven business world, it’s crucial to present a polished and professional headshot for online marketing materials such as a corporate profile web pages, commercial proposals, press releases, corporate biography pages, and business social networks.

Above, are sample images for your review:
(Example A) is a common lighting technique used by others in our industry.
(Example B) is an example of Michael’s standard lighting setup for business portraits.

About the Artist.
Houston portrait artist, Michael Carr, offers the professional photography you need to capture the quality executive portraits to market your online image. Michael’s attention to detail ranges from proper clothing selection, body language, and posing techniques. His effective use of lighting techniques and his firm understanding of facial analysis are talents that have been acquired through over 20 years of portrait photography experience and training. His clients include authors, law firms, and energy executives from several of Houston’s oil and gas industries.

The studio is conveniently located off 610 and Woodway within the Tanglewood area (77057) in a commercial office building. The studio is equipped with state of the art digital equipment and real time previewing during the headshot sessions. The sessions are photographed using a five light setup tethered to a 22″ monitor for quick previews during a session. On set adjustments to expressions, hair or jewelry are quickly addressed allowing sessions to be completed within 15 minutes.
Image previews are ready for presentation within minutes after the sessions are completed. Business professionals can relax or continue to conduct business as the studio is equipped with a full internet lounge and conference area for today’s professional.

Michael Carr Photography is a full service studio specializing in portraiture with several studio background options to select from. In addition to in studio sessions, we also offer location business sessions. Please call for a quote when inquiring about these services. To view more of our portfolio samples, visit www.michaelcarr.photography or to schedule your session call the studio at 713-461-2862.


Professional Studio Portrait Photographer

In Studio Portraits

Professional portrait photographer, Michael Carr, created this studio image as part of a subject’s personal portrait portfolio. The goal was to create an image with some fashion flare. She knew she wanted to wear all white for this portrait. To compliment her attire, we choose a pure white background for a high key effect. During her portrait consultation, we finalized her clothing selections and decided she would have her makeup and hair professionally taken care of.

Posing and expression were kept simple and helped create the overall mood for the image. This wall portrait is a statement piece that captures her beautifully at this stage in her life.

In today’s digital age, and with technology constantly changing, a printed portrait is archival and will stand the test of time. Our clients love looking at their framed and finished pieces of artwork hanging in their homes. If you have not had the experience of a professional portrait photography session, we invite you to learn more about our services and what makes us different.

Michael Carr Photography is a full time photographic portrait studio specializing in creative and timeless portraits. Individual portrait sessions and family portraits can be commissioned for your home or in our studio. Michael Carr Photography is a full-service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phases: conception, capture to completion and hanging in your home. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your individual portraits and family portraits, visit here or call 713-461-2862.