Office Environment Backgrounds

Houston business portrait photographer, Michael Carr, offers a variety of office environment backgrounds for your business portraits here in our studio. You can come to our studio and achieve the look of an office with a view, a light and bright office setting, or even greenery. Our office environment background is the perfect option for the busy professional that works remotely or their office does not have the space for an on location session. Several companies also opt for this background option if executives work all over the US and they want a cohesive look among all the executives on the bio pages.

The office environment backgrounds is a great choice if you want your image to look different and a step above the others. You have the option for a head and shoulder, ¾ length session or a combo of the two. Many C-level executives like to have the option to change clothing or outfits when opting for a multiple look session.

Call us to discuss which office environment backgrounds appeals to you: classic, on location or the office environment background. We will discuss the number of looks you are wanting with your session and the background you are wanting as well.
Office Environment Backgrounds

We will consult with you on your attire for your business portrait. A good rule of thumb is to stick to timeless and classic clothing that you feel confident in. We always recommend that clients bring with them several outfits to choose from. We can look at your wardrobe with you and select the best outfit for your portrait. Solid colored clothing is always best for a portrait. For men, you can add a pop of color with a tie or a pocket square. For the ladies a colored shell is an option with jewelry as an accent to the overall portrait. We have clothing tips on our site here.

For 3/4 length portraits we recommend that you try on your clothes and make sure they fit properly before your session. If your clothes do not fit well, or if they are snug, it will show in your portrait. Make sure you are confident in the attire you select and that all clothing is pressed. For ladies, we have a nearby partner salon that can take care of your hair and makeup. Please inquire about this before your session.

After Your Session:
At the conclusion of your business portrait session, we will review all the images captured and help you with final image selections and select your office environment backgrounds. Our studio is centrally located in The Galleria area, 77057, and between three major Houston freeways: I-10, 610, and 59. If you would like to discuss your business portrait or book your session, please call the studio at 713-461-2862 and we can help you.

Senior Portraits: The Essence of You

Senior portraits capture the essence of you. Your smile that brightens a room, your eyes that see a world of possibility, and your personality that drives your success.

Graduation portraits in Houston

That’s exactly how Houston portrait photographer, Michael Carr captures senior portraits. Here are a few portrait images Michael photographed of Gabby’s senior portrait while photographing a location session. Michael used a portable Profoto lighting kit and a simple outdoor landscape to highlight Gabby’s natural beauty and light hearted spirit.

The portraits featured from Gabby’s session focus on her. Her captivating eyes, beautiful smile, and trademark dimples. These are the details that bring your senior portrait to life and tell your story.

Let’s celebrate your accomplishments and aspirations together and capture “the essence of you” in your senior portrait.

young adult portraits

Now that you’ve achieved this great milestone in your life, we will help you capture that “special look” and create a portrait session that is uniquely you! Don’t settle for selfies or hobbyist to capture this major accomplishment in your life: Graduation! You’ve earned this, call today at 713-461-2862 and experience the newest and most exciting form of senior portraiture at Michael Carr Photography, a commercial studio specializing in fine portraiture for all the milestone’s in your life.

Senior portraits

Helpful Tips for Your Outdoor Family Portrait

Outdoor Family Portrait

Helpful Tips for Your Outdoor Family Portrait

An outdoor family portrait is a great way to capture the story of your family’s life. From newly engaged couples in love to parents holding their newborns with pride and every milestone in between, family portraiture is the art that tells your story.

This family is so precious to us since we first met them when we photographed their wedding. We have seen their family grow over the past several years, and were so excited to photograph their family portrait outdoors. Here are a few of our tips to help plan for your outdoor family portrait.

  1. Scheduling.
    The timing of your family portrait session is very important. We recommend early morning, around 9am, or late afternoon, around 5pm. As summer approaches, 6:30pm may become an option. We use available lights along with light modifiers and off camera lighting equipment to insure everyone is lit properly and no one has dark eyes in the final portrait. We will work with you to determine the best time of day for your portrait based on the location as well.If young children are to be included in your portrait, you should pick the time that is not right during their nap time but when they are at their best. For outdoor portraits we always recommend scheduling two dates in the event of rain or bad weather. We do have a studio available which can also serve as an option for your family portrait should weather become an issue.
  1. Clothing Selection.
    Everyone’s clothing does not need to match in colors, but there should be harmony with everyone’s attire in the portrait. For example, if you want a casual spring or summer portrait then the children could wear shorts with light colored tops or dresses, and the adults could wear casual pants and khakis with light colored shirts and blouses. Colors should be complimentary and in the same tonal range. It is always recommended to stick to solid colors or a very small pattern. Long sleeve shirts work best as well. We will discuss your portrait vision and clothing options during your pre-portrait consultation.
  1. Hair and Makeup.
    For men and children in the portrait, we recommend a hair trim 2 weeks before your portrait. For ladies, a trim or haircut and color if needed 2 weeks before your portrait as well. This is not the time to try a new hair color or a new haircut or hair style! We partner with a nearby salon that takes care of our client’s hair and makeup for their portrait. The salon will help you look your best and make sure you are picture perfect. Remember to have a manicure and pedicure the day before your portrait too! On the day of your portrait bring a brush, powder, and makeup for touchups during your session.
  2. Get Plenty of Rest.
    Rest is so important before your portrait. If you are tired it will show in your images. Go to bed early and stay hydrated before your portrait.
  3. Portrait Location and Scale.
    During your consultation, we will discuss where you plan on hanging your selected portrait in your home. This is important for us photography wise so we capture your images with the end in mind. For example, if the space warrants a vertical portrait, we want to make sure we have plenty of vertical images for you to select from. During your portrait order appointment, we will project your images in our studio and can also show you the proper size portrait based on the space in your home where the portrait will reside.

Outdoor Family Portrait

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael and Lisa Carr are full time portrait artist specializing in creative and timeless outdoor family portraits both in black and white and color mediums. We offer environmental family portraits, at home portrait sessions in the Houston area, as well as in studio portraits. Michael Carr Photography is a full service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phases: conception, capture and full artist embellishments to your final wall portraits. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your individual portraits and family portraits, visit here or call 713-461-2862.



Engagement Portraits in Houston

Engagement Portraits Photographer, Michael Carr, photographed Katy & Matt’s Engagement Portraits. The couple wanted a mix of outdoor at a nearby park and also a relaxed home environment. The lighting used for these portraits was a mix of natural light balanced with strobes. Michael had to work quickly and efficiently with the couple since they were attending a wedding within 1 hour of the session.

Engagement Portraits in Houston

Michael Carr Photography has provided engagement Portrait Photography in the Houston area for over 18 years. Michael’s attention to detail ranges from proper clothing selection, body language, and posing techniques. His effective use of lighting techniques and his firm understanding of facial analysis are talents that have been acquired through years of portrait photography experience and training. To view more of his online portfolio, visit or call 713.461.2862 to schedule your session.

Engagement Portraits in Houston

Child Portrait Photographers in Houston

Child Portrait Photographers in Houston

Child Portrait Photographers

Houston’s Child Portrait Photographers, Michael Carr, CPP and Lisa Carr, CPP, have over 30 years of combined experience with photographing children and families. It is so important to document your child in various stages of life before time just passes you by. We can capture your child’s portrait in our studio as well as on location.

These images were captured during the family portrait session outdoors. We have seen this family grow through the years and have enjoyed seeing their kids personalities come out.

During our family portrait sessions we love to spend time capturing portraits of your children. We have the experience to work efficiently and quickly so we do not lose your child’s attention and expression.

Children Portrait Photographers

Consider us for your baby’s milestone portraits such as: 1 year portraits, toddler portraits and family portraits. We will discuss the vision for your portrait session as well as clothing and any props you would like to incorporate in your session. It is so important to capture the milestones and document your child as he/she changes over the years. We will help you design and build your gallery wall of collectible memories to share for generations to come.

Children Portrait Photographers

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael and Lisa Carr are full time portrait artist specializing in creative and timeless family portraits both in black and white and color mediums. We offer environmental family portraits, at home portrait sessions in the Houston area, as well as in studio portraits. Michael Carr Photography is a full service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phases: conception, capture and full artist embellishments to your final wall portraits. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your individual portraits and family portraits, visit here or call 713-461-2862.



Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits: The Story of Your Life

Classic family portraits are important now more than ever. In our world of fast-paced busy lives, filled with camera phones and selfies, we often fall short of documenting our precious milestones for future generations to treasure.

Over the years, Lisa and I have photographed couples from their engagement sessions and weddings, to their first borns to their children’s senior portraits, and to their 25th wedding anniversaries. Imagine being able to share those precious milestones with your children and grandchildren for years to come through family portraiture.

We recently captured this couple’s milestone portraits: 60th Anniversary. We had a portrait consultation over the phone to discuss date and location. They wanted to have their portrait session at their home to keep it simple and relaxed.

We scheduled a time to visit their home before the session so we could see areas of their home that would work nicely for their portrait session. During this site visit we were also able to review their clothing selections for their portrait.

We loved capturing a variety of indoor and outdoor portraits for this family. After their portrait session we scheduled a time for their in person ordering appointment. We were able to project their portraits in our studio sales room and show them various sizes for their finished portrait. We also showed them their final portraits in their home on the wall, virtually, so they were confident in the sizes they were ordering. After we selected the wall portraits we selected the perfect custom frame to complement their portrait. We know they will treasure these family portraits for many years to come.

Family Portraits

What is a Legacy Portrait?

A Legacy Portrait captures your essence and tells a story about you or your love ones. A milestone portrait of how you want to be remembered. It is an heirloom, something that is timeless that will be pass down to future generations and will stand the test of time. It can be treasured today, in 30 years or 100 years from now.

It is never too late to capture the spirit and beauty of your legacy. It’s only late if you never do it and wish you had. Let’s create your own timeless Legacy Portrait and capture you and your family’s life story.

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael and Lisa Carr are full time portrait artist specializing in creative and timeless family portraits both in black and white and color mediums. We offer environmental family portraits, at home portrait sessions in the Houston area, as well as in studio portraits. Michael Carr Photography is a full service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phases: conception, capture and full artist embellishments to your final wall portraits. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your individual portraits and family portraits, visit here or call 713-461-2862.

Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

Bridal Portraits in Houston

Michael Carr Photography is the leading Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer. Michael Carr, CPP, specializes in studio as well as on location or outdoor Bridal Portraits. With over 20 years of portrait photography experience and over 400 bridal portraits personally photographed, Michael will combine his style and your grace into a master’s series portrait commemorating your special day. Formally trained in the art of portraiture, his style of posing is described as timeless, elegant and contemporary.

The Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer studio offers both in studio and on location portrait sessions. After your portrait consultation, your special set is designed for your in studio portrait and you will be surrounded by beautiful soft sculpted light while enjoying your favorite music in surround sound here in the studio.

Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

If a location session is your vision, we recommend scouting the locale prior to your session in order to better prepare for your session. Many of our brides opt for their portraits to be photographed at a private residence for its uniqueness and to help create a one of a kind portrait. During the scouting session, Michael will determine the areas you will be photographed in and discuss your vision for your final portraits. Bridal portraits are typically photographed 4 weeks prior to wedding day, and it is recommended to plan accordingly.

Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

Bridal portraits photographed by Michael Carr, CPP, are not wedding day candid style photographs. Extra time, location lighting gear, lighting modifiers and tripods are required to achieve his style of distinction for portraits. Many clients are often surprised by the amount of extra lighting equipment, diffusion and reflective material used to create a portrait. Effective lighting techniques are crucial and proper posing is critical while photographing for a bridal portrait. A photographer can add weight to a person and also the final image by using improper lighting and improper posing techniques.

Professional hair and makeup application is of the utmost importance. Proper application and blending techniques can save you time and money on additional facial retouching expenses. This sessions serve as an excellent trial run for proper dress fitting, veil placement and flower color scheme for your wedding day flower bouquet. To view our portfolio in person or to schedule your session, call the studio at 713-461-2862.




Personal Branding Headshots

To get ahead in business, you need to be intentional about your brand image and the way you present your products and services.

Remember, the goal is to stand out in business. Especially, when it comes to online marketing. Business professionals need to brand themselves and market their services in a different manner than their competition. Executive portraiture can help you place a cutting edge on your services vs your competitors. Ultimately, determining who ends up getting the phone call.

Personal Branding Headshots
A Business Portrait is not Just a Picture.

It is your Personal Branding.

Customers want to connect with people who are industry professionals who they feel they can trust. This is why a business portrait is not just a picture. It is your personal branding.

Every industry and corporate position has a unique look and persona for their business portrait. A prime example of this is that a trial attorney would not be photographed in the same manner as a marketing representative or physician.

So when creating or updating your online presence, you need to consider how your personal brand and corporate image can enhance your website and professional bio.

Is it Time to Refresh Your Corporate Image?

Ready to stand out and get ahead of your competition? Call Michael Carr Photography at 713-461-2862 today to schedule your business portrait.

Personal Branding Headshots

Michael Carr Photography is a commercial portrait studio offering professional corporate portraiture for business leaders. We are a full-service studio, we can handle all phases of your portrait session from the capture phase, retouching and image enhancement phase, and final delivery of your digital business portrait. We frequently work with marketing directors and marketing departments to help them create a cohesive image campaign for their offices. Should your company or art director have specific image requests or guidelines, please let us know. We listen and can meet company expectations and guidelines. Call 713-461-2862 to contact us and schedule your business portrait today, and visit or site here to learn more about our services.

Business Portrait sessions are in full swing at the studio. We can create beautiful business portrait images for your branding and have some fun too!




Houston newborn and family portrait photographers

Houston newborn and family portrait photographers, Belly to Baby Studios, recently photographed this newborn’s first portraits here in the studio. In addition to having their newborn photography, we extended the session to include family portraits as well. Your baby will only be this small for a short time. I love looking at portraits of our own daughter when she was this tiny and could curl up and nestle close to us. These portraits tell a story and help us remember moments in time.

For your in studio newborn portrait sessions, we have a prop closet full of wraps, baskets, blankets and backgrounds available for your baby. You do not need to bring a thing; just your baby! For your family portraits, we will have a brief clothing consultation over the phone so we can provide suggestions for your attire so there is harmony in your portrait.

Houston newborn and family portrait photographers

We want you to view your portrait 20 years from now and it look timeless versus dated with trending clothing and fancy photoshop effects. We realize you just had a baby, and probably do not have time to shop. We always will suggest and work with clothing that is already in your closet. We want to keep the portrait session simple and easy on your part.

Houston newborn photographer

Belly to Baby Studios is located in the Galleria area, in a professional office building, 77057. We specialize in Maternity and Newborn portrait photography as well as Family Portraits. We strive to create artwork for your home that can be hung in a nursery or hallway. Newborns stay this small for a short window of time. So many parents come back to us at 3 months and 6 months to document the growth of their baby. It is very important to capture this time in a baby’s life since they grow so fast.

We recommend scheduling your baby’s session actually before your delivery date, if at all possible. In some cases, this is not always possible and we understand that. We do have Moms call us that have already had their baby, and their baby is a few weeks old. That is ok, we do not turn babies away when they are outside of the ideal 12 day old window. The important thing is to get your baby photographed when they are still tiny and a newborn. After all, the newborn phase is a short window of time. You can reach houston newborn and family portrait photographers at 713-461-2862, or visit our site to learn more:

family photographer Houston

Contemporary Portrait Photography: An Edge Above the Typical Headshot

In this day and age, your digital identity is your calling card. Whether you are a corporate CEO, attorney or a physician, your personal brand is a way to present your professional reputation to your online audience.

Contemporary Portrait Photography by Michael Carr Photography gives you an edge above the typical headshot. Through proper clothing selection, dramatic lighting, and natural posing, Contemporary Portrait Photography by Michael Carr Photography personalizes your digital identity by capturing your executive presence and showing your audience the real you.


Houston Photographers
Why invest in Contemporary Portrait Photography?

In today’s digital world, we rely less on face to face introductions and focus more on LinkedIn profiles and website business headshots. People want want to do business with people they trust and connect with.

At Michael Carr Photography located in Houston, Texas, we photograph entrepreneurs, public figures, and business professionals who want magazine-quality portraits for their website, social media platforms, and marketing collateral to promote their business and control their digital narrative.


contemporary portrait photography

Michael Carr Photography Contemporary Portrait Photography sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and tailored specifically for you. Each Contemporary Portrait Photography session begins with a consultation to review your session goals, where the images will be used for marketing collateral, and what format and sizes are required for final images.

At the end of your portrait session, you will review your images and make your selection. Contemporary Portrait sessions with multiple clothing changes are time efficient and typically completed within 45 minutes. A digital artist will edit your final images in digital enhancement software to soften puffiness under the eyes, minimize smile lines and refine the portrait.

contemporary photographer houston

How to Strengthen Your Brand with Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary Portrait Photography sessions by Michael Carr Photography feature editorial and lifestyle portraiture to enhance your visual persona, connect with your audience, and communicate your story. To strengthen your personal branding efforts, it’s important to establish brand consistency across all your media and platforms. Here are a few ways to implement your contemporary portraits to target your audience and strengthen your brand:

  • Use your contemporary portraits for LinkedIn, Facebook business pages, and social networks profile images
  • Add your contemporary portrait to your newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and business cards
  • Use your contemporary imagery on your website
  • Submit your contemporary portrait along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement or publish articles in magazines

editorial photography

If you are looking for an edge above the typical headshot to visually appeal to your target market and capture your personal brand, schedule your Michael Carr Photography Contemporary Portrait Photography session today at 713-461-2862 .

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael Carr is a professional full-time Portrait Photographer located in the Memorial area (77057). The studio is located in a commercial office building at the corner of Woodway & Chimney Rock. For a review of our portfolio, visit our website at or call 713-461-2862 to book your session.