Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?

Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?

Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?

Capturing the special moments in your family’s life is an important part of creating memories that will last a lifetime. Professional family portraits can help you to preserve these precious moments and create beautiful pieces of art that will be cherished for years to come.

When it comes to getting professional family portraits taken, it’s important to find the right photographer. Research your portrait photography market for your style of family portraiture. Prices vary from low to high in all markets but compare at least 3 studio’s portfolios before basing a decision on price alone.

Our portrait process begins with a phone consultation.

During this phone consult we will discuss the individual being photographed and the logistics involved behind the session. In addition, we will discuss clothing attire and overall photography goals of the session. What type of images are you looking for: classic, timeless, indoor, outdoor, contemporary, architecture?

These are just a few examples of what we would be discussing during the planning phase. From studio to destinations, we have the experience to photograph most of our client’s requests.  We recommend that you review our portfolio or call the studio to discuss your vision and thoughts.

Professional Photographer Houston

When and Where?
Portrait sessions may be scheduled during the week, and
we do offer limited Saturday sessions as well.

You can choose to have them taken in a studio or outdoors. One of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer is that they’ll be able to help you choose the right location for your family portrait. They’ll know the best spots to take advantage of the natural lighting and scenery, and they’ll also be able to recommend any props that might help add to the overall look of the portrait.

A professional photographer will also be able to help you choose the right location.

Research where to get professional family portraits taken. A note about location photography assignments: some locations within Houston do require a photographer’s permit to photograph on their grounds. If a photographer’s permit is required, please note this fee is an additional charge. Some locations will also photograph better in the morning versus the afternoon.

Also, if you are wanting to have hair and makeup services added to your session, we need to consider that when scheduling your session time as well.

Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?

Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?
In Studio Family Portrait Sessions

When it comes to professional family portraits, a studio setting can provide the perfect backdrop for capturing special memories. Studios are a controlled environment, so no need to worry about weather! Our studio features an array of backgrounds and settings. At Michael Carr Photography, we have multiple options available so that you can get just the right look for your family portrait.

In addition to having a variety of backgrounds and settings for your family portrait, you may also want to consider the clothing that you’ll be wearing during the session. We can provide insight and advice on what style of clothing will look best in each setting.

Lastly, when it comes to professional family portraits, working with a photographer who is experienced and understands how to capture special moments is key. Michael Carr Photography has over 20 years of experience in capturing family photos and helping to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

Where to get Professional Family Portraits Taken?

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael and Lisa Carr are full time portrait photographers specializing in creative and timeless outdoor family portraits. We offer outdoor environmental family portraits, at home portrait sessions in the Houston area, as well as in studio portraits.

Michael Carr Photography is a full service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phase: conception, capture and full artist embellishments to your final wall portraits. We also offer custom framing for your wall portraits. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your family portraits, visit our site or call 713-461-2862.

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