5 Essential Tips for Your Houston Family Photography Session

Houston Family Photography

Fall is approaching and this is the perfect time to photograph your at home family portraits in Houston! We have compiled a list of our 5 helpful tips for families before their portrait session. Michael Carr, one of Houston’s top family photographers, has over 20 years of photographic experience and will make sure your Family Portrait is beautifully crafted.

We will help you with coordinating and planning clothing for your family portrait to make sure everyone looks their best. We’ve curated a list of five valuable tips to help your family prepare for their portrait session, ensuring it’s a smooth and delightful experience.

Houston Family Photography

1. Optimal Scheduling for Your Houston Family Photography Session

The timing of your family portrait session plays a vital role in achieving perfect Portraits. We recommend scheduling during the early morning around 9am, or late afternoon around 4pm. Our specialized equipment ensures everyone is perfectly lit, even in outdoor settings. We’ll collaborate with you to choose the best time that fits your location and everyone’s schedules. If young children are involved, selecting a time that aligns with their optimal energy levels is essential. For added flexibility, we suggest scheduling two dates in case of unexpected weather changes.

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Houston Family Photography

2. Harmonious Clothing Selection

While clothing need not be a perfect match, harmony is key. Colors should complement each other and fall within a similar tonal range. We recommend solid colors or subtle patterns, and long-sleeved shirts tend to photograph best. During your pre-portrait consultation, we’ll discuss your vision and clothing options, ensuring everyone looks coordinated and fabulous.

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3. Grooming – Hair and Makeup

To look picture-perfect, a little grooming goes a long way.

Men and children should consider a hair trim about two weeks before the session, while ladies should opt for any haircut or color changes well in advance.

For ladies, a trim or haircut and color if needed 2 weeks before your Houston Family Photography session is recommended. This is not the time to try a new hair color or a new haircut or hair style! We partner with a professional makeup artist that takes care of our client’s hair and makeup for their portrait. She will help you look your best and make sure you are picture perfect. Remember to have a manicure and pedicure the day before your portrait too! On the day of your portrait bring a hair brush and comb, powder, lipstick or gloss and makeup for touchups during your session.

Achieve a flawless look for your family portraits. Add on grooming services with our trusted professional makeup and hair stylist.

Houston Family Photography

4. Prioritize Rest and Hydration

A well-rested and hydrated you shines through in the photographs. Make sure to get enough rest and stay hydrated the day before your session. Adequate rest will ensure you look fresh, vibrant, and ready to capture memorable moments with your loved ones.

5. Consider Your Destination

During the consultation, we’ll discuss where you intend to display your selected portrait. This crucial detail helps us tailor our photography to suit the intended space. Whether it’s a vertical or horizontal portrait, we’ll capture a variety of shots to match your vision and space requirements.

Visualize your family’s memories in the perfect portrait size. Contact us to schedule a Houston Family Photography consultation and let’s plan your portrait for your home.

At Michael Carr Photography, we specialize in creating timeless at home family portraits. Our full-service studio ensures your portraits receive the care and attention they deserve, from conception to the final embellishments. Additionally, we offer custom framing to complement your wall portraits, providing a comprehensive photography experience.

We hope these five valuable tips have prepared you for your upcoming Houston Family Photography session. For more information about our studio and to schedule your family portrait, call us at 713-461-2862.

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Michael Carr Photography is a full service portrait studio. What this means to you is that we complete your portrait from the beginning to the finished phase: conception, capture and full artist embellishments to your final wall portraits. We also offer custom framing for your wall portraits.

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